“Your body’s ability to eliminate toxins and wastes determines your entire state of health”

Colon Hydrotherapy – Women Only

Colon Hydrotherapy (colonic irrigation,) is a process that takes about 30-45 minutes during which filtered water is gently introduced into the colon whilst a therapist uses special massage techniques to stimulate the release of stored matter. At Taste 4 Health, a closed system is used so there are no unpleasant odours or exposed bacterial waste. There is a viewing tube where you are able to see the waste product and this allows the practitioner to evaluate the faeces and can identify dehydration, undigested food (which can cause leaky gut), candida, parasites, mucous and inflammation. Recommendations are made for you after the treatment is completed.  During the whole process the therapist is educating the client on dietary and liefstyle factors, the correlation between the digestive and the nervous system and improving general well being. Colon hydrotherapy is a whole rejuvenation treatment. A series of sessions often yields remarkable results.

“All the supplements in the world will do nothing for your body if the intestinal system is in a state of disarray”


Who will benefit from Colon Hydrotherapy?

 There are several conditions and symptoms that could be modestly relieved via Colon Hydrotherapy. Some conditions are:

  • Diarrhoea or constipation
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Rectal bleeding or blood in the stool
  • Stools that is smaller in width than usual
  • Abdominal gas and discomfort, bloating
  • Indigestion
  • Candida
  • A feeling that the bowel never completely empties
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Constant tiredness, mental and physical sluggishness
  • Liver problems
  • Unexplained anaemia
  • Problems with losing weight
  • Acne, psoriasis and other skin complaints
What will Colon Hydrotherapy do for the colon?

1. Colon Hydrotherapy cleanses the colon

2. Colon Hydrotherapy exercises the Colon Muscles

3. Colon cleanse reshapes the Colon

4. Stimulated Reflex Points in the Colon

5. Colon Hydrotherapy hydrates the body

The importance of Colon Health

At Taste 4 Health we believe that Colon Hydrotherapy is the most important first technique to cleansing the body. Your body’s ability to eliminate toxins and wastes determines your entire state of health. A majority of this waste ends up in your colon. While discussing the body’s intestinal system is not generally a topic people feel comfortable sharing with others, it’s one that cannot be ignored if you want to remain healthy or restore lost health.

The simple truth is that the human body was not designed to handle an overwhelming assault of fried, processed, packaged, microwaved or genetically modified foods. All of these items can have a negative effect on your intestinal system and your health. A healthy gastrointestinal system is absolutely critical for good health. Proper digestion is essential to release the nutrients contained within our foods so they can be absorbed into the bloodstream and nourish the body’s cells with life. Proper elimination of metabolic wastes is also essential to keep the system clean and free of morbid wastes. Any malfunction in the digestive process can ultimately lead to a cellular malfunction, which, given enough time, can lead to a complete system malfunction.

When digestion isn’t working properly and the food and wastes are aren’t being eliminated, the colon becomes impacted with putrefying, fermenting wastes and inadequate healthy flora can become a breeding ground for unwanted microorganisms, such as parasites, viruses, fungus, flukes, and anaerobic bacteria. This can run the risk of autointoxification (self- poisoning) which can literally stave the cells in your body by blocking them from receiving their nutrition, eventually causing severe malnutrition. 

What if you were to leave a pile of dirty dishes in the sink with food crumbs and debris lying around your house for an extended period of time? Your home would be invaded by cockroaches, ants, and other microscopic scavengers. Similar things take place in the human body when unwanted waste particles and debris are lying around for extended periods of time without being properly eliminated. It’s time we started putting the same kind of focus on internal cleanliness as we do on external cleanliness.

Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy?

1. Compression of neighbouring organs disappears or reduces when volume reduces in the colon. Relaxing effect on organs above intestines such as the liver, heart, and lungs. Sensation of lightness may be experienced.

2. Reduces pressure in the intra-abdominal area which improves venous return from lower extremities and pelvic zone. Relaxes pressure on the hips and lumbar column and is beneficial to their mobility. Relaxes abdominal muscles from the action of water temperature and massage that accompany the colonic. Increases abdominal muscle tone due to reducing intestinal residues.

3. Stimulates peristaltic action of intestines restoring normal muscle tone and therefore removal of constipation. Potential to correct intestinal transit problems such as constipation and diarrhoea without resorting to prescription drugs.

4. Sensation of well being due to the elimination of mucus, alimentary remainders not digested gases and toxic bacteria. Relieves inflammation and oedema due to elimination of irritating substances.

5. Expels parasites due to alternating water temperatures and complementary additives to colonic water such as garlic and other vermifuge (parasite killing) herbs. Decreases demineralisation of body because it improves metabolism.

6. Relieves gynaecological disorders such as cystitis and dysmenorrhea due to reduction of a prolapsed intestine. Reduces risk of complications after surgery because it reinforces natural immunity. We can suppose colon hydrotherapy improves functions of the large intestines, lymph and nervous system because a relation exists between them in the GI tract.

7. Reduces weight and slims due to activating elimination. Creates an increase in mental capacity and rejuvenation since it decreases the degenerative process, normal or accelerated, by removing toxic substances that affect biological aging.

What is a Coffee Colonic?

At Taste 4 Health we think that coffee colonics are one of the most effective ways of cleansing the liver, the colon, and speeding up the
detoxification processes in the body. Toxins are everywhere, in the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. All these
toxins must be processed by your liver. If you are doing a correct proper detoxification program, then toxins will come out of the bones,
ligaments, the organs, fat tissue, all of these has to be sent to the liver.
A coffee colonic is performed by introducing coffee into the colon. It is absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to the liver, promoting a beneficial increase in the production of glutathione, which is an antioxidant enzyme that plays a major role in driving toxins from the body. The coffee colonic can actually stimulate the biliary ducts causing them to open and release toxins into the intestinal tract for excretion.

 Weight loss
 Improved skin health
 Improved mental clarity and focus
 Ease PMS symptoms, such as cramping and bloating
 Reduce anxiety
 Improve digestion
 Banish candida
 Boost energy
 Contribute to hormone regulation
 Reduce chronic pain

Who Can't Do Colon Hydrotherapy?
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Cardiomegaly
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Cysts
  • Diverticulitis
  • Severe Haemorrhoids
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Pregnancy
  • Renal Insufficiency
  • Tumours
  • Ulcerative Colitis

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is there anything I need to do to get ready for Colon Hydrotherapy?

Since your abdomen will be massaged it is a good idea to eat or drink lightly in the two hours immediately preceding a colonic.

What is involved in the colonic irrigation treatment?

As registered professional therapists, we are used to people feeling anxious, especially before a first treatment. Part of our job is to put you at ease and ensure you are comfortable having your treatment.

Your visit to Taste 4 Health will involve the taking of your case history followed by an explanation of the procedure. The colonic itself will take about 30-45 minutes during which time water will be gently introduced into the colon via the rectum whilst your therapist uses special massage techniques to stimulate the release of stored matter.

It is a closed system so there are no unpleasant odours or exposed bacterial waste. There is a viewing tube where you are able to see the waste product and this allows the practitioner to evaluate the faeces and make recommendations to you after the treatment is completed. Used in conjunction with a supervised nutritional program, this process allows for balance in the system to occur in a natural, safe and effective way. Our goal is to provide you a safe space for the process to emerge while practising respect at all times. A series of sessions often yields remarkable results.

Does it hurt?

The colonic irrigation procedure itself does not cause pain. At the start of the procedure, you may experience a “strange” sensation of wanting to go to the toilet, but most people get used to this feeling in the first few minutes, and even find the colonic treatment “unexpectedly relaxing and uplifting”. The therapist may use massage to make your treatment comfortable and effective.

What can I expect afterwards?

Most likely, you’ll feel great. You will feel lighter and enjoy a sense of well-being. Any activity you would ordinarily do such as work or exercise is fine. For some, the Colon Hydrotherapy may trigger several subsequent bowel movements for the next few hours; but there usually is not any uncontrollable urgency or discomfort.

I have been told that, to be beneficial, one needs to “take a series” of Colon Hydrotherapy. What does that mean, and is it true?

Having colonics regularly for a while, such as weekly or several times a week is what is referred to as a “series.” We believe that to obtain results of lasting benefits, a series of colonics must be undertaken. Again, this can only be properly considered once an objective has been identified.

Will I lose weight?

You may lose some weight. Most people feel lighter after a colonic. Just bear in mind that you lose wastes only, not fat or cellulite. If you start eating less, increase your fibre intake, move or exercise more, chew better and drink more water, then you will achieve a permanent weight loss.

Are colonics dangerous in any way? 

Being an essentially natural process, there is virtually no danger with colon cleansing. Side effects of colon hydrotherapy are very rare and mild. Our intent is to provide a safe and healthy service so that you do not have to worry. We have performed hundreds of different procedures (including colon hydrotherapy, massages and others). We have helped hundreds of people to improve their health. We value our clients very highly and are determined to provide them with the best services possible.

Do I have to leave my modesty at the door?

Colonic irrigation practitioners listed in the Register are committed to preserving clients’ modesty at all times. You will be fully covered, protected and warm during your treatment. Toilet and washing facilities are usually in the room or very close, for your exclusive use.

Can I have a colonic if I am pregnant?

We would not recommend colonics at any time during pregnancy.

How soon after the childbirth can I have a colonic? Can I have it while I am nursing?

You can have a colonic 10-12 weeks after a regular childbirth unless you had complications or a caesarean. You need to decide for yourself whether your body has recovered enough from the shock of the childbirth. Make sure your stitches have healed fully, talk to your doctor or nurse if in doubt. You can have a colonic while you are nursing.

If I get too many, will the colon stop functioning on its own? Are colonics habit-forming?

The colonic is a tool intended to be used to create a clean and healthy colon. Our fulfilment comes from assisting you in healing your colon, not in making you dependent upon colonics. Actually, one of its better features is that a colonic irrigation can be used to tone the colon muscle so the colon doesn’t perform so sluggishly.

Will a colonic make me constipated or give me diarrhoea?

The most frequent post colonic experience is to have a slight delay in bowel movements and then a resumption of a somewhat larger, easier to move stool. Sometimes if the colon is weak and sluggish, there may be no bowel movement for several days following a colonic. This is not due to the colonic, but rather to the weakness of the muscles in the colon, and should be interpreted as an indication that the colon requires strengthening and healing. Infrequent diarrhoea or loose bowels may be experienced. This could be due to the extra water introduced into the colon or to the stirring up of toxic waste.

I’ve heard that I shouldn’t get colonics because it upsets the electrolyte balance. Is this true?

Electrolytes are minerals in the body (mainly sodium and potassium salts) that maintain the proper electrical charge and pH balance (acid and alkalinity balance) in the various organs and tissues of the body. The stomach, for example, should maintain an acidic pH, while the duodenum (first part of the small intestine) should be alkaline (basic) in order for proper digestion to occur. If this balance is disrupted, then digestion will be impaired.

The pH electrical balance in the colon is very near neutral, ideally being slightly acidic. A strong acid or alkaline environment is not necessary because digestion does not take place in the colon. Rather, a major function of the colon is to reabsorb the fluid and electrolytes from the unformed stool that is moving into the colon from the small intestine. After the fluid and electrolytes are reabsorbed and stool is formed, the colon moves the stool into the rectum and out of the body. The majority of the material released during a colonic is formed stool that has already had the fluid and electrolytes removed from it, so the amount lost is very minimal and easily replaced by the body from the food and fluid we ingest.

Some people say that colonics wash out the intestinal flora and valuable nutrients. Is this so?

The truth is that the washing out of putrefied material in the large intestine, which is only partially reached in any colon irrigation, increases the good intestinal flora. Good bacteria can only breed in a clean environment that has been washed free of putrefaction and its accompanying harmful bacteria. That is why the intestines of a newborn baby immediately begin to grow good intestinal flora. Each time you clean out the putrefying “garbage” and make a better environment for the flora, they start to multiply immediately in their natural media.

With this in mind, it is a good idea to supplement with good intestinal bacteria after a colon cleanse or series of colonics so that colonization can take place in a healthier medium, i.e. the intestinal mucosa. Prevention is much easier by assisting your colon in maintaining healthy bacteria rather than waiting until bad bacteria have changed the environment of the colon to an unhealthy state.

What effect does Colon Hydrotherapy have on our immune systems?

The removal of stagnant waste material and hardened, impacted toxic residue could rejuvenate the immune tissue that resides in the intestines. Recent European studies show that 80% of immune tissue resides in the intestines. Colon Hydrotherapy is not a cure-all, but an important adjunctive therapy in the overall health care of the patient.

What will I feel like after the treatment?

After a colonic, you should be able to continue with your daily plans, drive, go back to work etc. Some people feel energized straight away, some feel tired “in a nice way” – in the same way as one feels tired after a good workout, some feel lighter, some feel very hungry, some don’t feel like eating for hours afterwards. Some may feel quite tired as the detoxification process kicks in deeper, and in these instances, we recommend coming for a repeat colonic without delay.

What will be okay to eat after getting a colonic?

What we suggest is that you eat a moderate amount of whatever seems gentle and nourishing to you. Just as it doesn’t make sense to get your car washed and then immediately drive it through mud, eating a meal known to cause trouble in your abdomen directly after getting a colonic isn’t an intelligent choice. Green leafy salads, vegetable soups, vegetable broth, fruit and fruit juices, and vegetable juices are the best choice.

How will I know when the colon is empty?

It will probably never be empty, as it is an organ in continuous use. As more of the old, impacted material is released you will actually feel the water enter higher regions of the colon without any sense of obstruction. The objective ought not to be an empty colon, but rather a well-functioning colon.

Maximising Effects of Colon Hydrotherapy

A little bit of homework in the days prior to your first treatment can really enhance the results!! After all, you’ve been storing up all that toxic waste in your colon over the years and if you are coming along for a series of colonic irrigation, it would feel great to clear out as much of it as possible right?

So before we begin, congratulations on making a wise decision to invest in your health! There really is nothing else in life worth investing in other than your health and health begins in the gut. So let’s make the most of your investment in colon hydrotherapy and prepare you for a good clean out. We want to share with you the most important do’s and don’ts of how to prepare for a great colonic!

So for at least 3 days prior to your Colon Hydrotherapy and if you can’t manage this then do try to follow it at least the day before your colonic.

1. DO drink MORE water

Drink 2-3 litres of water each day or 6 to 8 cups of herbal teas e.g. Peppermint, Fennel, Chamomile or try hot water with lemon / grated ginger / fresh mint leaves/cinnamon sticks. Making sure you are fully hydrated in the days prior to the colonic will really enhance your treatment.

2. DO Eat Lots of Vegetables

Do try including green vegetables or salad leaves. Vegetables should represent 80% of your meal. If you find this a little bit too hard at the beginning then at aim for at least 50%. We recommend eating a combination of raw vegetables e.g. salad and some lightly cooked vegetables e.g. steamed. This will help to ease digestion and prevent bloating if you are not used to eating raw vegetables.

3. DO Chew your food.

Put your fork, spoon or chopsticks down between each mouthful and chew 20-30 times. This may sound like a lot but that is only because most people are used to shovelling food down the backs of their throats. Chewing your food will prevent undigested food and gas pockets in your colon.

4. DO Drink Vegetable Juices

Drink 1 litre of fresh vegetable juice. If you are not used to vegetable juices you may include apples or pears to add a little sweetness.

  1. DON’T Drink Alcohol

Now alcohol might be fun for a party but a hangover, no matter how mild may lead to an ineffective colonic. That means even a single glass of wine with your meal is best avoided in the day(s) prior to your treatment.

6. DON’T Drink Fizzy Drinks

These cans of fizzy gas are turning you into a big balloon as large gas pockets form in your bowel that waste is getting trapped behind. If you don’t arrive full of gas your Colon Hydrotherapy session will be a whole lot more comfortable and means that we can focus on clearing out waste and not just gas. So avoid fizzy drinks, You will be doing your bones a favour as fizzy drinks leach calcium from your bones.

7. DON’T Drink Coffee

Avoid caffeine, particularly Coffee as it will dehydrate you before a colonic. DO drink herbal teas like chamomile tea, peppermint tea. One of our favourites is Rooibos tea which makes a great alternative to tea and coffee, is hydrating as well as being naturally caffeine and tannins.

8. DON’T Smoke

Avoid cigarettes. I’m sure you already know they are bad for your lungs. You probably don’t realise that they are also very dehydrating, so whether or not you plan to stop lighting up for good, if at all possible please try to avoid smoking in the days prior to your colonic.

9. DON’T Eat Gas Forming Foods

Some foods are likely to turn you into a real windbag and you’ve probably had a few embarrassing moments out in public already.

The good thing is Colon Hydrotherapy can help clear out a lot of wind and trapped gas. The main gas forming culprits are wheat, pulses and brassica vegetables. Here are a few tips on how to keep these gassy foods under control so your colonic hydrotherapy treatment will be far more effective.

  • Reduce your consumption of wheat bread. If you find this difficult choose flat wholemeal pitta bread instead.
  • If you love pasta, try Spelt pasta or eat it in smaller quantities, no more than 30% of your plate.
  • Beans and Lentils are best eaten only if you have sprouted them as they are easier to digest and less likely to cause gas.
  • Vegetables from the brassica family e.g. broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and leeks, are best eaten in small portions and make sure you chew them thoroughly so that your enzymes break them down.

10. DON’T Eat Fast Food  

Avoid any microwaved meals, sugary foods, artificial sweeteners, white flours, chocolate, sweets, biscuits, cakes and pastries and fast food restaurants. Processed foods get stuck inside the gut and have no nutritional value.

11. Don’t Take Laxatives

One of the purposes of Colon Hydrotherapy is to exercise the bowel to restore natural bowel regularity. Laxatives irritate the digestive system to give you diarrhoea and do nothing to resolve the problem. This includes avoiding herbal laxatives such as Senna that do not fix the problem but instead lead to long term constipation. If you are coming for a series of treatments we can work to resolve the problem.


So you are probably thinking, why bother with all this preparation? Aren’t colonics meant to clean me out anyway?

Sure they can and do, however, to improve the results of your colon hydrotherapy and clear out as much old toxic waste from the colon as possible, it really can make a big difference if you arrive fully hydrated and having eaten sufficient vegetable fibre.

Colon Hydrotherapy is not a quick fix for a poor diet and lifestyle, colonics will help to clean you out and motivate you towards a healthier you.

Doing the preparation will mean you maximise your investment in colonics and your health.

If you want to clean out the junk, then you must cut out the junk now!! So let’s work together to make a fresh start to a new healthy and vibrant YOU!!!

Prices and Packages

Colon Hydrotherapy

  • 1 Session:  $150
  • 4 Session Package: $499
  • 6 Session Package: $699

Coffee Colonic

  • 1 Session: $180
  • 4 Session Package: $599
  • 6 Session Package: $799

*Packages used within 6 months of purchase.


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