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Renew your health and vitality with a tailored program. Treat the cause not the symptom.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Health starts in the gut. Eliminate impacted waste in the colon, all in an easy comfortable environment.


floatation therapy

The ultimate zero gravity experience. Float effortlessly in our float tank to relax and restore your mind, body and soul.

Functional Testing

Aims to evaluate your health status by measuring how the physiology of the body is functioning, rather than simply looking at symptoms of disease.

infra red sauna

Sit back and eliminate toxins from the body, burn calories and strengthen the immune system.

Massage Therapy

We offer Remedial, Swedish, Lymphatic, Deep Tissue and Pregnancy Massage. Infra-red Therapy is included in the massage.


Introducing the Overnight Cleanse

A Safe & Gentle Intestinal Cleanser That Helps To Refresh + Reset Your Gut Health!

Spring Sale – Up to 30% OFF

It is time to Spring Clean your body! After a long winter of indulging in warming comfort food, a detox might be exactly what your body needs to prepare for the summer months ahead. Do you want you body to effectively & effeciently eliminate toxins you are exposed to? Or maybe you are interested in detoxing because you want to look & feel even healthier! Have you noticed any signs or symtoms that indicate your body may be suffering from the burden of toxins and be in need of a good detox?

Some signs that may indicate you may need a detox: Digestive complaints, skin problems, hormonal imbalances, poor energy, neurological conditions, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, food intolerances, smoking, alcohol & coffee consumption, fertility and pre-conception care, exposure to pollution & chemicals, diets high in saturated fats & processed foods.

The good news is Taste 4 Health has some Spring Detox Specials to help you with you detox journey…

Tests We Provide

oligoscan Test

Mineral and Heavy Metal Screening

igg Test

Food Intolerance Test


Genetic Mutations Testing

VLA Test

Body Fat Composition Test


Hormone Testing


Mauve Factor


Cellular Metabolic Processes Test

comprehensive stool analysis

Digestion, Absorption & Inflammation

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Our Range of Products

Our products are high quality, effective and provide you with the nutrition your body needs to feel fulfilled and perform at its optimal level without the use of the common reactive binders, fillers and synthetic additives.

I’ve see many health practitioners over the years and no one compares to you!

Thank you so much for making me understand so easily the importance of what was occurring in my body and the best way of maintaining great health. You’re the best and highly recommended.


I’m so happy to be a client at Taste 4 Health, the team is talented professional and the service is exceptional.

Before seeing Sahar, I was suffering from poor digestion, headaches and fatigue. Two visits later and I went to my happy energetic self. Thank you for your continuous guidance and support!


I am so grateful to have stumbled across Taste 4 Health. As someone with a chronic illness who is time poor, Taste 4 Health is a ‘one-stop shop’ for my health needs. It’s wonderful that I am able to have a consultation with Sahar, a far infrared sauna or a colonic, and get all the supplements and health food I need in ONE place. I have seen many practitioners over the years and Sahar is very unique – she is open-minded, supportive and provides frank and fearless advice that is both practical and effective.


I came to Taste4Health after I have exhausted every medical avenue. I have been suffering from acute & chronic constipation.
Staff are very welcoming, friendly & well oriented with the services they offer.
Sahar is a very experienced therapist and has truly been able to give me a solution for my problem. I have had multiple Colon Hydrotherapy sessions with her and it has been such a positive experience. The results I got were amazing. I am able to have a normal bowel movement now.
I would recommend Sahar to anyone who needs to improve their inner health.



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