The New Proven and Superior Anti- Ageing Ingredient

Centella Asiatica

There’s a new plant making its way into the list of ingredients that are a must- have inclusion to your anti – ageing routine – Centella Asiatica, also known as Centella. It is a small herbaceous plant from the Apiaceae or Umbellifereae family and is native to Southeast Asia, Australia, Madagascar and Africa. It grows in wet, marshy areas at an altitude over 700 meters. The biological properties of Centella make it an ideal source of stem cells. Stem Cells are cells from which life is born. When it comes to skin rejuvenation, plant stem cells possess versatile and restorative properties; one single cell is enough to regenerate an entire plant. These properties are what makes the stem cells so valuable and widely used for tissue repair and skin rejuvenation. As our own stem cells age, their regenerative abilities diminish, but thanks to the miracle of stem cell research, stem cells have the capacity to periodically repair tissure when dead cells stop working, thus regenerating damaged tissue and restoring human skin to a more youthful state.

 Centella  extracts are proven to stimulate elastin and collagen to keep the skin firm and healthy. It is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and contains skin lightening abilities. Centella Asiatica stem cells are composed of phytoserols, amino acids and polysaccharides that infuse the skin with moisture and rich nutrients. Used for both its anti-ageing benefits and skin healing properties, Centella is used in everything from pre- and post – operative scarring to stretch marks, acne and varicose veins, and even aids in weight loss. This superior and proven anti – ageing ingredient has been applauded across the globe.

 Certified Organic ..Plus containing no artificial preservatives, lanolin, paraffin, colouring or synthetic perfumes, Centella skincare products are all about the good ingredients, Containing vegetable oils, essential oils, vegetable extracts and plant/herbal extracts, the range works to regenerate, hydrate, protect and heal the skin. In addition to these pluses, the products also helps relieve skin congestion, clogging and acne, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and aiding inthe restructuring of the skin.


– Firming

– Improving skin tone and elasticity

– Support blood vessel disorder treatments

– Restore and regenerate human skin cells

– Plumps fine lines and wrinkles

– Lightens pigmentation and evens skin tones


Centella Face and Body Treatments

At Taste 4 Health,  our trained Centalla therapists tailor and personalise all treatments to combat individual problems and achieve personal goals and desires.

Centella Stem Cell Face Treatment (60min) $150
This treatment can target any skin condition, dehydration, ageing skin, pigmentation to crappie, weathered sun bunny’s. With our double mask application, we are able to penetrate twice the amount of our active ingredients to achieve desired results. Coupled with the help of mother nature and Centella’s synergy’s this treatment will not only target your concerns but pamper your soul.
Centella Stem Cell Eye Treatment (30min) $120

Anti Wrinkle Eye Treatment (Dark circles and Crows feet)

This treatment restores and firms the delicate skin under the eye. The Fenugreel rebuilds the elastin fibres and the wrinkle synergy provides an instanteous eye- lift due to its tensor effect, delivering instant and radiant results. (We recommend a minimum of 4 sessions for optimal results)

Centella Stem Cell Back Treatment (30min) $49

Acne, Scarring, Detoxifying

Personalised facial treatment for your back helps to eliminate acne, clogged pores and black heads or just simply refresh and hydrate. This luxurious treatment is great before your facial or a stand alone treatment.

Centella Stem Cell Detoxifying Body Treatment (60min) $150

Body Exfoliation, Plus the Ultimate Centella Algae Mask

Detoxify and re- meneralize your skin with warm, protein – rich sea algae. Smooth and hydrate your skin with a full body exfoliation. Pure micronised algae paste is applied to your body, simultaneously hydrating and detoxifying. Our Centella algae formula helps to stimulate circulation and improves elasticity, detoxifies and eliminates impurities. Finished off with our hydra flore body milk leaving your skin pure, soft and hydrated.

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