Functional Medicine Nutrition Consultation

At Taste 4 Health, we utilise Functional Medicine Nutrition to reach optimal health and wellbeing. This involves assessing organs and system functions while addressing the underlying root cause of a disease instead of just treating the symptoms. We want to identify what is happening in your body and why you have these symptoms in the first place. Ultimately, we are working towards how we can restore function. Our aim is to create the best conditions in your body so that it can reach true health. By addressing nutritional deficiencies, eliminating the toxicities and rebalancing your biochemistry, your body will be able to heal itself. 

Initial Consultation - $250 (1 hour)

Our One Hour Initial Consultation involves a thorough case history where we look at your medical and family history, diet, laboratory values and lifestyle. A real time mineral analysis and toxicity screening is included in the consultation to allow our practitioners to precisely analyse trace elements and heavy metal levels in your tissue within minutes (no blood, biopsy or hair sample is needed). We will discuss how your individual nutrient imbalances, digestion, toxicities, food sensitivities, gut health and genetic make-up may be affecting your health. Based on your results, we will together design a personalised plan that incorporates natural supplementation, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, gut healing and stress management techniques.

Functional Laboratory Tests will be discussed and recommended based on initial consultation.

Follow Up Consultation - $100 (30 mins)

We advise that you come for at least one follow up consultation (30min) to assess progress and ensure your nutritional plan is still right for your goals and improvements are being seen. These sessions are important as they can empower you with relevant information and practical advice for moving forward to a better health. We do not like to overwhelm you with lots of information and changes, so with each follow up we will slowly integrate nutritional, supplemental and lifestyle changes to target your priorities. The number of review sessions is determined by your personal needs and motivational level. 

Often we see patients needing that extra support and guidance so we have made it easier and cost effective for you to follow up and review your progress as long as you need to. We want to set you up for success!  After all there is so much out there, and it can get very overwhelming and confusing when embarking on a health journey. You will learn what really works for YOU and what doesn’t and you can only do that with consistent follow ups. We will be holding your hand guiding you and teaching you what is going on so you reach optimal health and wellbeing. 

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