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We live in a toxic world. Everyday, we are exposed to pollutants, chemicals and toxins that are absorbed into our skin, digestive system and lungs. Degenerative diseases are on the rise such as: cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, gout, joint pain, depression, psoriasis, fatigue, fibromyalgia, sleep disorder.

There is a definite connection between cellular toxicity and illness. We work the cause, not just the symptom!

The Ionic Detox Foot Bath is a gentle non-invasive therapy, which re-energises the body and helps support the body to detoxify naturally, helping restore your natural equilibrium and well being.  It is an electrical process that produces negative and positive ions in the warm salt water and allows the foot to release toxins at a rapid speed.   The whole idea behind ionic foot baths is the scientific process of electrolysis. Every foot has an approximate of 2000 pores on its surface. The energy produced during this method warms up the pores of the feet and allows salt to act as anti-inflammatory substance, to start the detoxification process. To get rid of the toxins, you have to soak your feet for 30 minutes in this ionic charged water and soon the water will start to get coloured with different shades, usually ranging from mud-brown to black. The painless interaction of the positive and negative ions re-energises, re-vitalises and supports the body’s innate ability to re-balance and achieve a higher state of well being. 

Ionic Detox Foot Spa contains 3 Therapies

At Taste 4 Health, our Ionic Detox Foot Spa contains three therapies: Far Infrared Heat Belt, Ion Detox Footbath and Tens machine. 

1. Far Infrared Heat

Far Infrared Heat is not like your regular heating pad or hot water bottle. The Far Infrared Heat can penetrate up to 2″ into the skin and muscles helping to improve blood circulation by increasing blood flow, oxygenation and regeneration. The combination of heat and light therapy helps to increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissue areas and blood cells. This is ideal for treating back pain, arthritis, headaches and similar health problems.

2. Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification

Ionic Detoxification also known as a foot bath detox helps to remove harmful toxins and cellular waste from your body. Safe and complete body detoxification through the healing power of ionization. Just like when standing under a water fall or walking on the beach, ions have a powerful charge that help the body cleanse more effectively with no side effects. When a body is properly detoxed it’s amazing how great that person feels! Detoxing the body can help with weight loss. When the body rids itself of toxic chemicals the body tends to speed up metabolism and returns to proper digestion.


Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS helps to alleviate pain or speed the healing of an injury by activating the release of endorphins. TENS is great for pain management and to reduce the need for medication to control pain. This is ideal for treating pulled muscles, joint discomfort, soreness caused by injuries, surgery, headaches, and many others. With increased endorphin production this helps boost overall energy while decreasing stress levels.

Benefits for Ionic Detox Foot Spa
  • Strengthen Immune System

The foot detox will remove toxins from your immune system and will make it healthier and stronger. You will feel less sick and can go through most seasons without getting ill.

  • Better Recovery Time

If you have undergone a surgery or an injury recently, the foot detox can help you recover faster and better.

  • Reduce Arthritis

By releasing toxins from joints and around bones, you can experience relief in joint pain and stiffness.

  • Better Sleep Cycle

Your sleep cycle will improve drastically, as the toxins released will allow your body to intake more oxygen, which means better sleep.

  • Releases Heavy Metals

The toxins that are accumulated from bad habits like smoking and drinking are the hardest to remove. Foot detox can effectively release toxins from the body that are heavily charged and harmful.

  • Removed Blood Clots

The clots that can lead to life-threatening illness like heart diseases are also resolved and removed with foot detox.

  • Improve Organ Functions

After the release of toxins, your body organs will function better and more effectively, to promote your overall health.


30 Minute Session:  $60

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