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Global Healing Centre Biotin is now quick and easy to order right here in Australia!

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, vitamin H, and coenzyme R, is an essential vitamin that works at the cellular level to support healthy hair and nail growth and metabolism. Our Biotin is extracted from 100% certified organic Sesbania herb that includes the natural cofactors and co-nutrients found in the plant for improved bioavailability. Each Biotin bottle contains a 60-day supply at 2,500 mcg.†

60 vegetarian capsules

† Results may vary.

Biotin Supplement Facts

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Biotin

1. Nutritionally Support Hair

Biotin is included in many hair products like shampoo and conditioner. However, it’s much more effective when it’s consumed within the diet rather than applied on the outside of the hair. Biotin can help improve the hair you have and can make it appear fuller by supporting hair follicle bulb size.

2. Promote Stronger Nails

Weak nails are fragile, brittle, and can be easily split or cracked, which is often attributed to dryness and dehydration of the protein keratin. Biotin may help support your body maintain both nail strength and thickness through its function as a coenzyme support for protein synthesis.

3. Support Hair Growth

Waiting for your hair to grow can feel like an eternity. Unlike topical hair products, ingesting biotin helps you receive all of its benefits in a fast and effective way.

4. Encourages Radiant Skin

Biotin supports glowing, radiant skin by helping your body fight against dry, cracking skin. By addressing these skin problems at a cellular level, you may see a difference in the appearance of skin on your hands and face.

5. Supports Metabolic Function

Biotin supports several metabolic functions of the body. It helps convert glucose from food into usable energy and helps the body use amino acids from proteins. All of this helps maintain a healthy metabolism.

The Health Benefits of Biotin

  • Helps hair grow thicker, faster, and longer.
  • Promotes stronger, thicker nails.
  • Supports healthy, smooth skin.
  • Helps metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy.
  • Supports brain health, memory, and normal cognitive function.
  • Supports tissue and muscle growth.
  • Supports normal cell and DNA formation.
  • Needed for thyroid activity and adrenal function.
  • Helps pregnant or nursing women.

The Top 3 Questions People Ask About Biotin

1. Am I biotin deficient? Signs you’re not getting enough biotin include thinning hair, brittle nails, or a red, scaly rash around your eyes, nose, and mouth. More extreme symptoms of a biotin deficiency may include depression, listlessness, hallucinations, and tingling in the arms and legs.

People at the highest risk for a biotin deficiency include chronic smokers, alcoholics, pregnant women, and people with Crohn’s or liver disease.

2. How much biotin do I really need? The amount of biotin you need varies depending on your age. According to the National Institute of Health, the daily recommended values for biotin are:

  • 50 micrograms - infants 0-12 months
  • 150 micrograms - infants 12 months–4 years
  • 300 micrograms - adults and children over 4 years
  • 300 micrograms - women who are pregnant and breastfeeding

While these are general guidelines, exact amounts depend on different factors, including your diet. Much higher servings of Biotin are often considered by those looking to see results in their hair and nails, or when trying to overcome a prolonged Biotin deficiency. Global Healing Center chose a daily recommended serving to encourage optimal results that are safe and effective.

As always, consult with your trusted healthcare practitioner to determine if Biotin or any other nutritional supplements are right for you.

3. Why is Certified Organic Sesbania Extract used? Sesbania Grandiflora is the best, vegan-friendly source of biotin. In fact, Global Healing Center's Biotin offers the cofactors and co-nutrients from the Sesbania plant that naturally promote the bioavailability of the biotin compounds.

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