pHion Diagnostic pH Test Strips

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  • Super sensitive and accurate
  • Wide range of 4.5 - 9.0
  • Easier to read than pH paper
  • No bleeding, no mess
  • Economical
  • Practitioner preferred
  • Tests urine or saliva
  • 90 count per bottle

  • Getting a read on your health is important. pHion’s Diagnostic pH Test Strips were specifically created to test your body’s acid levels in just seconds. Now you have no excuses.

    They’re made unconsciously strong, yet formulated to be super sensitive for accurate readings. Unlike litmus paper, there’s no bleeding, there’s no messy results, and they’re dependable.

    Our Diagnostic pH Test Strips can test either with your saliva or urine. The choice is yours. Just remember to wash your hands.


    Q. How do you use the strips?
    Testing Urine:
    1. Quickly pass the pH strip in the urine stream.
    2. Shake off any excess immediately.
    3. Wait 15 seconds and match the colors on the strip to the corresponding color chart.
    4. Discard the strip - do not reuse.

    Testing Saliva:
    1. Gather saliva in your mouth and then swallow.
    2. Gather saliva in your mouth again for a period of 15 - 20 seconds. Spit the saliva into a spoon. Dip the pH strip into the spoon for three seconds with the reagent side of the strip facing down.
    3. Wait 15 seconds and compare colors on the strip to the corresponding color chart.
    4. Enter the pH value into your pH Health Assessment Test chart.
    5. Discard the strip - Do not reuse.

    Q. What if I am not getting an exact match to the color chart?

    If you are not getting an exact match with the color chart this means you are testing in between ranges or you are testing at a more inaccurate time. If your strip is not testing directly to the chart to take the top color and match it with its closest color on the test strip.

    Q. Will my urine and saliva tests differ and why would they if they do?

    Yes, your urine and saliva tests will be different. The urine test will always be about .50 more acidic than your saliva. The reason for the range difference is because more acids are excreted through the urinary system than they are through the mouth.

    Q. Which test is more accurate, saliva or urine?

    The urine test is more accurate than the saliva test.

    Q. What if my strip doesn’t change from the beginning color, does this mean the strip is defective?

    No, you can check the effectiveness of the strip by squirting some Windex® directly onto the strip or by checking your pH directly after swallowing a piece of bread.

    Q. What if the test is above the 8.0 range does this mean I need to eat more acidic?

    No, the best recommendation is that if you get an abnormal test then you should take a few more tests to make sure this is the range you are accurately testing at. We recommend you test both your urine and your saliva three times a day to get a composite reading. If you seem to keep coming up with over alkaline tests, please contact a physician.

    Q. Which side of the strip do I use?

    You need to use the side of the strip with the color indicator.

    Q. Do these strips work with water or any other foods or chemicals?

    These strips do NOT test against water or chemicals. They need to be tested against high ionized solutions. Water is not a high ionized solution and other chemicals may dilute the strip to be unreadable.

    Q. When should I be testing and how often? How many pH sticks does one person need?

    We recommend testing up to three times a day to get an average range. Once you have figured your average range, you may want to test at least once a day, to make sure you are staying in the optimum range.

    Q. Do these test strips expire?
    No the test strips do not expire, but we recommend using our test strips on a very frequent basis so if you are ordering 1-3 packs at a time you should be using them up within a 90 to 120 day window.
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